Stop Using Giant Switch Statements in Your React Reducers

Let’s make our reducers cleaner and more flexible

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Let the Record Show…

A Better Way

const myMap = new Map([
[key1, value1],
[key2, value2],

The Advantages


switch(something) {
case 'thing 1': {
const x = 'some const named x';
return x;
case 'thing 2': {
const x = 'some other const named x';
return x;

Portable Logic

const actionMap = new Map([
[actionTypes.BANNER_DISMISS, dismiss],
[actionTypes.BANNER_SHOW, show,
switch(type) {
case actionTypes.BANNER_DISMISS:
return dismiss(state);
case actionTypes.BANNER_SHOW:
return show(state, payload);


Combining Maps

const actionMap = new Map([

What have we learned?

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